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About Distek
Distek is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory equipment,  specializing in dissolution testing products. Distek offers a comprehensive line of pharmaceutical testing systems designed to increase productivity, reduce maintenance and provide easy-to-use operation. All systems meets or exceed USP and EP requirements.  Advanced African Technology(AAT) is the Official Distributor for Distek Dissolution and Disintegration equipment in South Africa.



           Distek 7100

Symphony 7100 Bathless Dissolution system
Symphony 7100 by Distek features an  enhanced user experience and advanced instrument functionality.  Developed with our well-established bathless technology, Symphony 7100  offers the ability to:
Download specifications for Symphony 7100

  • Simultaneously run three independent methods
  • Configurable from 1-8 positions
  • Individually or collectively raise and lower shafts
  • Continuously monitor temperatures with embedded sensors
  • Improved vessel access with semi-circle footprint
  • Rapidly heat media from ambient temperature to
    37C in less than 15 minutes
  • Quickly adjust height
  • Guidance with electronic qualification
  • Control all instrument functions with intuitive color touch screen




Evolution 6300 Water Bath Dissolution system
Water Bath Dissolution with Distek's Evolution 6300 independently  monitors the temperature of each vessel for guaranteed compliance. Along with real-time temperature readings, the Evolution 6300 provides:
Download specifications for Evolution 6300

  • Precise control of the thermocirculator through actual in vessel temperature feedback
  • Continuous control, monitoring, and recording of individual vessel temperatures with embedded temperature sensor
  • USP tolerance checking of the dissolution test parameters
  • Built in, independent NIST traceable temperature probe
  • Up to 100 methods stored and sorted by name and date, while maintaining the previous 50 modifications for audit trial
  • Selectable temperature control via TCS of embedded temperature sensors
  • Easy conversion to small volume dissolution




Model 2500 Water Bath Dissolution system
Water Bath Dissolution with Distek's Model 2500 offers maximum  flexibility and configurability while maintaining the user-friendliness  and reliability that laboratories around the world have come to expect from Distek.  Distek's Model 2500 provides:
Download specifications for Model 2500

  • Intuitive touch screen color display to maximize the user's productivity and operational control
  • Programmable thermocirculator wake up and sleep mode saves time and conserve energy
  • Hideaway self-priming thermocirculator improves temperature uniformity and heating time
  • Interchangeable USP compliant paddles and baskets significantly reduces transition times between apparatus 1 and 2 tests
  • Test volume flexibility ranging from 100mL to 4L





Evolution 4300 Programmable Dissolution Autosampler
As a programmable syringe pump dissolution autosampler, Distek's  Evolution 4300 has a dual bath configuration allowing for two  simultaneous runs from one autosampler.
Download specifications for Evolution 4300

  • Reduced carryover between sampling with a proprietary syringe plunger design
  • Dual sleeved needle design eliminates back pressure in sealed test tubes or vials
  • 5 minute sampling for immediate release profiling*
  • Media recycle and replacement, standard
  • Unsurpassed versatility and functionality
  • Saves time and increases productivity





LabEye Dissolution Video Monitoring System
Designed specifically for laboratory use, the LabEye is a ready-to-implement multi-camera system performing visual process monitoring, chronicling research in HD clarity and providing automation troubleshooting. Engineered by TwoSquare Science this collaborative
effort between Distek, TwoSquare Science and Industry leaders offers a welcome and needed addition to any laboratory that looks to streamline pharmaceutical testing in both research and development and quality environments.
Download specifications for LabEye Monitoring System

  • Lab Ready Cameras
    Capturing images in true HD, the LabEye cameras
    record 30 fps at 1080p resolution.
  • Digital to Digital, HD Resolution
    Take snapshots at a high frame rate with HD
    resolution and watch live or save video for later
  • Scheduling
    Timed snapshot and video recorded events can
    be scheduled and created on the control tablet
    then sent to the command center which will start
    processing the schedule immediately.
  • Standard Mounting System
    Equipped with a standard mount system
    for popular dissolution systems and other
    analytical devices.
  • Scalable
    Scalable from 1-8 cameras.






Opti-Diss 405 Automated Dissolution Measurement SysteM - In-Situ Fiber Optic UV testing
Improved precision and accuracy of test measurements, the elimination  for the need of sampling and the near real time results are just three of the benefits of the Opt-Diss 405 Fiber Optic In-Situ UV for dissolution testing. This latest  advancement in Dissolution sample analysis reduces setup times while offering the flexibility to  increase and vary the number of data points taken along a dissolution  profile
Download specifications for Opti-Diss 405
Video demonstation of Opti-Diss 405 System

  • In-Situ Measurements
    Moves the analytical measurement into the vessel,
    eliminating sampling errors and media
    loss calculations.
  • Horizontal Pathlength
    Transmits light across a horizontal pathlength
    without the need for mirrors or prisms and
    minimizes the potential for trapping air bubbles
    and build up of particles found with dip typeprobes with vertical pathlengths.
  • Resident Stationary ARCH Probes
    Eliminates the need for a raising and lowering
    sampling manifold.
  • Rapid Spectra Collection
    Increased dissolution accuracy and improved
    quality of profile analysis through simultaneous
    data collection from 6-12 vessels in as fast as every
    5 seconds.
  • Universal Interface
    Allows the Opt-Diss 405 to be used on
    most dissolution systems without the need for
    additional hardware.




sensIR 3200 Bathless Tablet Disintegration system
The new Distek sensIR 3200 uses the latest in bathless heating to offer a disintegrator without the mess and drawbacks associated with  conventional water bath-based instruments. By eliminating the water  bath and utilizing a sleek modular design, Distek’s sensIR 3200 offers  two, four or six disintegration test stations in the smallest footprint of any comparably equipped model.

The sensIR 3200 offers Auto Endpoint Detection using Patent  Pending Near Infrared. This state-of-the-art  technology provides endpoint detection without the need of a modified  fluted disk.
Download specifications for sensIR 3200

The advanced features of the sensIR 3200 provide superior performance and functionality.

  • Heats media from ambient to 37C in less than 8 minutes.
  • Simultaneously runs three unique methods.
  • Stores up to 100 reports and methods.
  • Manages up to 25 users.
  • Integrated Temperature Sensors enables the monitoring and documenting of individual beaker temperatures.
  • Disintegration baskets can operate independently or in unison, increasing throughput.
  • Unique basket mount mechanism virtually eliminates undesirable sway, as required by the USP.
  • User-friendly Color Touch Screen interface.





ezTab 300 and ezTab 400 Tablet Hardness testers
This robust design of the ezTab 400 not only measures the tablet  hardness but also measures tablet thickness, diameter, and weight via an externally connected balance. Also available in a 3-in-one  configuration, the ezTab 300 measures hardness, thickness, and diameter. These unique configurations eliminate the need for a stand-alone thickness gauge / micrometer, thereby eliminating  redundant calibrations and reducing overall costs.
Download specifications for ezTab300
Download specifications for ezTab400

  • USP <1217> and EP <2.9.8> Compliant
  • Multi-Parameter Measurements
  • LCD Display (ezTab 400) / LED Display (ezTab 300)
  • "Adjustment Free" Testing Jaws
  • "Optional" Built In Printer
  • Over Range Alert
  • Small Footprint



Distek Model-DF-3_small

DF_3 and DF-2W Automated Friabilators
Automatic tablet sample loading and discharge is easy with Distek  Automated Friabilators. The DF-3 and single drum DF-2W offer unique  designs that allow for superior levels of performance and functionality.
Download specifications for DF-2W and DF-3

  • Sample insertion without the opening or removal of the drum(s)
  • Discharge of tablets into individual sample trays
  • Self-validation of speed and revolution count
  • Front mounting of up to 2 drums on a single shaft
  • Variable speed (EL-DF2W)
  • Analytical balance interface (EL-DF2W)
  • Automated calculation of friability with printouts(EL-DF2W)






Distek Validation Tools
Validation Tools by Distek support dissolution techniques. All tools arrive ready-to-use with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable calibration certificates  as well as ASTM E2503-07 and USP Toolkit enhanced mechanical  calibration



  • Verifies paddle or basket shaft centering proximity to the dosage from inside the vessel
  • Works on most major dissolution shafts





  • Accurately sets the height of the paddle or basket
  • Precisely validates the stirring element's height
  • 2L HeightChek available





  • Checks and straightens paddle or basket shafts
  • Re-shapes distorted baskets
  • Verifies the paddle blades' adherence to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications





  • Contact: Curved design with measurement range of 1.5 to 10,000 RPM
  • Optical: Visible red-light yields a measurement range of 30 to 50,000 RPM






  • Portable thermometer with high resolution (0.01 C) and accuracy ( 0.02 C)






  • Light and visible design
  • Effective with all vessel positions on any dissolution apparatus
  • Easily attached to the vessel plate with the use of C-clamp





  • Verifies the conformity of a vessel





  • Validates benchtop vibration






  • Validates timers





Digital Level

  • Validates shaft and vessel verticality







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