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About Optimize
Optimize Technologies is dedicated to providing the highest quality HPLC, UHPLC and LC/MS products available. They combine innovative design and superior performance to create products that are  straight forward, yet elegant, solutions to daily issues in the lab

Listed below are some of the products available from Optimize Technologies. To view all supplies and accessories  available from Optimize Technologies, click on the link below to access their website.
Optimize Technologies products






OPTI-SOLV Solvent Reservoir Filter With Tube Stem
OPTI-SOLV Reservoir Filters employ a unique conical design inside the  filter housing to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped and  disturbing your analysis. While the availability of HPLC-grade solvents  diminishes the need for pre-filtering, it is still imperative that a  filtration device be installed in the reservoir. Placing a filter in the reservoir is an economical way to filter particles that may result from buffer salt precipitation, airborne dust, improperly cleaned glassware, or microbial contamination; none of which are remedied by the use of  HPLC-grade solvents.

Key Features

  • Made of Hastelloy C
  • Offers maximum corrosion resistance and inertness
  • Recommended for systems exceeding flow rates of 10 mL/minute
  • Smooth flow path and conical design does not trap air
  • No tools or fittings required






OPTI-GUARD Biocompatable 1mm Guard Columns
OPTI-GUARD sets the standard for extremely low impact, easy to use  pre-column protection. Designed for use with analytical (4.6, 3.0 mm  i.d.) and narrow-bore (2.1, 1.0 mm i.d.) columns, the patented floating  stem design automatically adjusts to any manufacturer's tube stop depth  for a zero-dead-volume connection every time. The best part? It's no  larger than a standard fitting. Connecting the OPTI-GUARD requires no  extra tubing, maintaining the minimal impact philosophy that has made  the OPTI-GUARD line so popular.

Key Features

  • Includes 5 disposable hand-tight biocompatible holders and cartridges
  • ZDV Connection - automatically adjusts to any manufacturer's column
  • Requires no extra tubing for connection
  • Does not effect chromatography(select type compatible with analytical column)
  • No larger than a standard fitting






Opti-Max Cartridge Check Valves
Opti-Max Cartridge Check Valves are designed to offer maximum  performance and ease of use. From the sharp, consistent threads on  OPTI-MAX custom housings, to the exacting standards used to match  ball/seat sets in OPTI-MAX cartridges, every aspect of design and  manufacturing reflects an unavoidable fact: when it comes to reliable  check valve operation, quality and precision make a big difference.  OPTI-MAX check valves offer many advantages over OEM check valve  systems, and are better designed, better made and more reliable than any other after-market check valve product. Additionally, OPTI-MAX  Free-Turn housings can be removed with the tubing still attached,  accelerating check valve maintenance while reducing fitting wear.

Make the switch to OPTI-MAX for less than ever before with OPTI-MAX  Conversion Kits. Each kit includes all the OPTI-MAX check valve  housings and cartridges you need to convert your HPLC instrument. By  default, each kit includes our recommended OPTI-MAX cartridge,  stainless steel/ceramic OPTI-MAX (PEEK cartridges are supplied for  biocompatible systems). However, if you'd like to substitute an  alternate material the kit price will not be affected. These kits  contain all the check valves you need for your HPLC pump grouped under a single part number

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Agilent/HP 2-in-1 Seal Cap for 1050, 1100, 1200
Our 2-In-1 Seal Cap replaces both the OEM outlet gold seal and outlet  cap with a single component. Use it on your purge valve, on your OEM  inlet and outlet check valves, or anywhere else on your 1200/ 1100/ 1050 system where gold seals and outlet caps are required. Please note- this item is not required with OPTI-MAX check valves.






EXP Ti-lok Fitting and Ferrule
In response to evolving UHPLC technologies, Optimize delivers with  the EXP Titanium PEEK Hybrid ferrule. The ingenuity of the EXP ferrule  lies in a design which adjusts to any 10-32 or 6-40 port depth and can  subsequently be removed and reused in a different port while still  maintaining adjustability. The EXP ferrule provides the necessary  zero-dead-volume seal to allow connections beyond 20,000+ psi (1,400+  bar).

Features of the Ferrule
Rated to 20,000+ psi (1,400+ bar)
Tested to 30,000 psi
No more cut-off and replacement of swaged ferrules
Auto-adjusting ZDV connection
Intended for many repeat uses

The EXP Ti-lok Ferrule is part of the Ti-lok Fitting that features a  two-stage locking mechanism ideal for PEEK-clad or sleeved fused  silica, such as PEEKsil tubing. The two-stage fitting features a  patented auto-adjusting titanium hybrid ferrule that seats in any port. The titanium collet locking mechanism provides a second grip point to  even the pressure load over the tubing and not crush the silica. The  incorporated rear collet locking mechanism is not removable, preventing a lost ferrule or nut from wasting valuable lab time.

With the  EXP fitting system, you no longer have to clip off and replace swaged  ferrules or wonder if you are achieving the best possible connection.

Features of the Fitting
Hand-Tight to 15,000+ psi (1034+ bar)
Reusable, intended for many uses
Auto-adjusting ZDV connection every time
6-40, 6-32 & 10-32 configurations







  • Biocompatible and chemically inert to most commonly-used solvents
  • Can withstand pressures up to 6,000 psi
  • Alternative to stainless steel tubing for high pressure applications
  • Withstands continuous use at HPLC pressure without swelling or bursting
  • Not affected by aggressive mobile phases
  • Will not corrode


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